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5. April 2014 von

Today is Saturday and I've been planning things for a long time. Therefore you'll not read a literature-related post today, because I am simply too busy elsewhere to write much. Instead I am going to show you some lame pictures of my side project away from the writing desk.
I do own a garden by the seaside, which keeps me pretty busy, especially in spring. After two weeks with a lot of sunshine and around 15 degrees, winter seems to be coming back again and the wind picked up again, coming from the east. So I decided to do something in my small garden hut.

 The sideboard was already there, when I bought the garden. Good thing: It's a typical GDR mass product of the 1970s, so you know, what to expect. IKEA has nothing on the simplicity of this connector system. But the colour is not easy to they, at least not for me and so I decided, something had to be done about that. 

First I tried to paint it the usual way, but soon decided this would not do. Then I came across acrylic spray paint, which is an incredibly nice invention and saved me a lot of time and anger. Finally, the sideboard needed some nice knobs, which I bought in an online store from Berlin. I am still not done with everything, because I live in a rural area and spray paint is apparently hard to get. And so I had to stop after finishing the lower half.

To celebrate my success I decided it would be a good idea to open the barbeque season today, which is why I spent my night in the kitchen at home, preparing meat (lamb with chili and oriental spices) and tabouleh. We're about 20 people, there will be plenty of food and an open fire, because - you guessed it - it's 5 degrees outside and we are all wearing our warmest winter attire. To wrap things up, we'll go to the theatre tomorrow night to see a modern interpretation of Frühlings Erwachen (Spring Awakening) by Frank Wedekind.

I wish you all a very good and hopefully warm weekend. On Monday I will continue my post theme with the Russian Futurists and their strange ideas.

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  1. Ah-how great paint is to make something new again. Enjoy the Bar-B-Q and the evening


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